Catherine Snape (uncommondreamer) wrote in snapes_island,
Catherine Snape

Who wants to build a sandcastle?
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::Dami comes over with a bucket, shovel and a lopsided smile::
*grins, brightly* My Godbrotherthing!
::Returns the smile and laughs::

Thing! You called me a thing? That doesn't seem very complimentary ...

What kind of castle did you have in mind?
I did. My family is BIG and CONFUSING.

I'm related to all sorts of people and I'm not sure what to call them.

*considers* A BIG one.
Thats good though, theres that many more people around who look out for you and adore you.

A big one huh? Well I don't really have much sand castle experience, but I have faith that we'll pick it up as we go.

I think it should have a moat.
Yup! But it gets kinda confusing.

YES. A great big moat so that the tide can't get it.