Luna Lovegood (witbyndmeasure) wrote in snapes_island,
Luna Lovegood

I'm very good at making cocktails.
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Up for making me a margarita, then?
Oh, of course! I'll do it now...


Here you go!

Since it's Luna, it isn't exactly a normal Margarita. She's made up the ingredients as she's gone along, really. And it has a small onion floating in it. Yum.
*this is an amused blink* Thanks, Luna. Looks wonderful.
I couldn't really remember what the ingredients are, so I improvised a little. I think it turned out quite well.
Maybe just one. Haven't had a drink in awhile. Surprise me.
*hands over the glass*

I think I'll call this one...a Moon Frog Surprise!
::Considers asking whats in it, but decides to wait till after he drinks it. He hesitates and then downs the green drink quickly. He blinks. It was stronger and sweeter then he expected from a drink called Moon Frog Surprise::

Not bad ... what was in it?
I'm not sure. I mixed in some of the nicest coloured drinks that I found. I'm glad it turned out well.
*wide eyed blink*

Putting extra "special" ingredients in people's drinks sweetheart?

ooc: The mun apologizes for never tagging back on Larissa's journal
Oh no, nothing bad, mother. I was just experimenting. They're rather nice drinks, actually.

Sorry love, I wasn't trying to imply that you were doing anything out of line. I think I might just have to partake in one of your special drinks.
I'll make you your own special one, if you like?

I'd like that very much...surprise me?
*a moment of silence while Luna mixes busily, before she hands over a bright blue concocton*

There you go.
*takes the drink and smiles at her daughter before taking a sip*

Oh Luna, this is amazing...what's in it?
Oh, all sorts. *indicates a variety of colourful and strangely shaped bottles*
You're good at making cocktails?

Remeber when you tried some of my homemade firewhiskey? *smile*
Yes, very good. And I don't think I'll ever be able to forget!
Yes, we had fun didn't we?
Oh yes. It was a shame about the headache the next day, really.
You had a headache? I'm sorry to hear that, love.
Oh, it's ok, it was still fun.
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself *smile*