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snapes_island's Journal

To escape from war
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Harry Potter. Post epilogue. A place where there is no war
hpsixwords is at the moment rather dark. I as a mun, and at least one of my muses, have finally reached the point where we agree with Snape's initial premise. We should pack and go somewhere safe. Where the war, and Voldemort, cannot reach.

So I'm making this comm as another offshoot of hpsixwords. Yes, I know there have been too many already. But I need out.

So here's the deal. Here you have an island. It's magically protected and unplottable for anyone who comes to it with the intent of causing harm to somebody else, and anybody who purposefully does gets dumped in the ocean, to deal with the sharks.
'Baddies' can come to the island, as long as they do not intend, or carry out, harm to anyone. Bellatrix with her soul back can haunt the island. Snape absolved... Malfoy forgiven. The children can play around freely.

ANY thread that includes harm, or even planning for harm - including planning for the war - will be frozen and/or deleted. And I mean that. This is the comm where we can escape. Frolic.

It has everything that is needed, both for relaxing, for common fun, and for privacy. It's like the Room of Requirement in a way, with its own food source. And it can 'grow' different things in different places.

But most importantly? It's peaceful.

Say it's a parallel reality to hpsixwords. When you go there, you don't miss anything in the main comm. You can take a day or a week to rest your muse there.

Because. We. Need. A. Break.

(Oh, it's an Equatorial island. Eternal summer.)